Family Therapy - Marina Angel, Ms Creep - Brother's Weakness HD (studio/81593/720p/ 6

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Added: 12/20/14

Family Therapy - Marina Angel, Ms Creep - Brother's Weakness HD (studio/81593/720p/ 7

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been in love with my Daddy. He’s so smart, and big and strong, and he’s always worked so hard to take care of me and Mommy. Lately he’s been working even more than usual and when he’s home he’s always on the computer or reading boring books for work. The other day I decided to keep him company while he read, so I sat on his lap just like when I was little. Daddy started rubbing my leg and then looked into my eye’s. He could tell how much I wanted him, and I think I was so wet he could even feel it on his pants. Then we kissed. I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I’ve wanted to kiss Daddy like that for sooo long. But then Daddy stopped and told me to go to my room. The next day Daddy talked to me while I was in the living room hanging out. Daddy said he was sorry about what happened yesterday – that he had a moment of weakness and we had to keep it a secret. Then Mommy called and they stated talking about stupid grown up stuff like groceries and work. I knew that Daddy didn’t mean what he said, I knew he wanted me and was just scared of Mommy finding out. I quietly started rubbing Daddy’s cock with my foot, then I pulled it out and started sucking it. Daddy’s big cock got rock hard and he just kept talking to Mommy. Then he hung up and threw me off of him and spread my legs. Daddy pulled my panties to the side and started licking my pussy. Daddy dropped his pants and pressed his huge cock against my soaking wet pussy. I WAS IN HEAVEN!!! I’ve wanted Daddy’s dick inside me for sooo long, and it was finally about to happen. Then Daddy stopped, he pulled up his pants and told me to go to my room and work on my homework…. Later that night Daddy came in my room while I was studying. He sat down next to me and said he wanted to talk about the past couple days. He said I was growing up to become a very beautiful woman and that he was very proud me. Daddy said that it was wrong for him to take advantage of me because I was to young to know any better, and that we could never ever let that kind of thing happen again. I looked up at my Daddy and told him if he really meant that, if he really never, ever wanted to touch me like that again, if that’s really what he wanted – then I would leave him alone. Daddy stared at me and didn’t say a word, then suddenly he grabbed me and we embraced. Daddy kissed me hard and put his tongue in my mouth. I WAS SO EXCITED I COULD BARELY BREATHE!!! Then he ripped off my clothes and we made love. Daddy fucked me hard and then soft, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I had sex for the first time with my boyfriend last week, but it was nothing like what my Daddy did to me. I came over and over and finally Daddy came in my mouth. Daddy kissed me and told me to go get cleaned up, he was smiling. I could tell that Daddy was finally happy too, he realized he isn’t weak at all, and that to me, he is the best Father in the whole wide world…. ***Starring Marina Angel***

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