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You are such a patient boyfriend to my daughter. I can hardly believe you’ve waited here in her bedroom for the past two hours. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but she will have to work overtime and won’t be coming home for at least another four to six hours. I can see you are all worked up to get some action tonight and to be honest I am horny, as in really super horny. Maybe we can be each other’s dates tonight. I have a really hard time meeting men my age that I am attracted to. I find myself drawn more and more to younger men. Actually, just recently a cute younger man called me a cougar. Do I look like a cougar to you? Don’t be so shy with me.
I happened to notice at dinner the other night you were staring quite a long time at my breasts. You weren’t being very discreet in front of my daughter. Even though I am super horny and would really like to get laid, why don’t we just fool around a little instead. I can be sexual with you without fucking you and we both get something close to what we want. Just imagine my body about twenty years ago and that is what my daughter looks like now. I looked just like that except now as the years have gone by I’ve gotten a little more to love is all. I’ll show you my big tits that you were staring so hard at in my blouse if you let me stroke your cock.
Oh I like the size of your cock. So this is what you fuck my daughter with. She is a lucky woman. I also like the size of your balls. Those are man size balls. I can only imagine how good your dick feels to fuck. Do you like how I stroke you? I’ll titty fuck you with my big beautiful breasts. I can feel how hard your dick is for me so you must like getting stoked by an older woman. I can hardly wait to see your creamy cum shoot from your cock for me. Your balls are tightening so you must be getting close. Yes, give me your young cum. Let me see how much you like getting stroked off by my mature hands.
That was so much fun. I want you to remember this has to be our secret. I don’t think my daughter would believe her mom jacked off her boyfriend anyway.

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