Kitty LeRoux – Mommy’s Pregnant with Your Baby – impregnation fantasy, Momma`s Boy FullHD 2017

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Tricking Mommy – BBW Domination, Facials

You and your lovely mother are on vacation- somewhere nice and warm. The first full day, she wants to get out in the sun and water and comes asking if you’re ready to go. You tell her you got her a present. It’s a new bathing suit. Seeing as she’s in an outdated one-piece, she’s very excited to see what you picked out for her and can’t wait to try it on. She comes stomping back into the room in a robe, looking shocked and upset. “This barely constitutes a bathing suit! .Why would you get this for me? I can’t go out like this.” You were sure she’d look good in it, so you pester her to show it off.and after A LOT of reluctance, she disrobes and immediately covers her body with her hands. “What if your father knew you got this for me? This.this is totally inappropriate. I can’t go out like this?”

You try to calm her and persuade her that everything will stay in place. You have the idea to show her. “You..what? Fine! I’ll give you on chance- but if something pops out that you don’t want to see- it’s your fault.” She bounces her huge tits in that flimsy bathing suit and you are secretly so turned on. You ask about the bottoms. “Are you sure you can’t see anything. I’m not sure you should be asking your mother to twerk. I feel like you can see everything!” She is won’t go out to the beach like this, before you proved to her that nothing was going to become uncovered. You both leave with towels in hand. When you come back, she’s furious! “They were cat-calling me, and hitting on me. Those, those wanted selfies with me- and you KNOW I am too polite to say ‘no’ – and YOU-YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” All her talking about the horny strangers fawning over her thick body is overwhelming you and then- she notices it. “” She’s mortified. She finally understands and confronts you. “You wanted this all along, didn’t you?” She’s huffing and jiggling around all angry at you. “You might as well finish. You’ve gotten this far.” She’s pissed. “You don’t respect me. You wanted your mom to be a slut in front of everyone. Well then, I’m a slut now. Is this what you wanted to see??” There is something so hot about your mom right now. She’s totally dominating you- telling you to stroke your dick in front of her like your life depends on it. ‘No! I am not enjoying this!’ She’s shocked at your question. She watches you jerk-off, making you jerk harder- the fury in her eyes is so fucking hot- this is it- this is exactly what you wanted. “You wanted me to be a slut; I’m a cum slut- give me your cum!” The shock she expresses when you unload all over her face, in her mouth, on her tits- it’ fulfilling.

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