Kitty LeRoux – Mother Son Time – Fucked Family Up FullHD 2018

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Halloween with Mommy – Virtual Incest Porn, Son Dream

You and your mom go to the same Halloween party every year. She never dresses up, but this year is different. Something has changed about her recently and it seems she’s taking Halloween seriously- as a time to be someone you’re not- just for a night. She goes in her room to put on her costume, but when you don’t see her come out for a while, you get worried. When you check on her, your own sweet mother is head down, ass up on her bed struggling to put a cat-tail butt plug in. You both are shocked to see each other, but she oddly exclaims, “It will make more sense when I have the whole thing on!

Give mommy a minute!”. .There’s not any way that this could make sense, could it? When you finally see her in the whole outfit, you’re floored. Your betty-crocker mother is..stunning, curvy, voluptuous, her tits are heaving out of this costume.and what’s more? There’s a huge hole in the ass of the body stocking so that she can wear the butt plug around ALL NIGHT. You tell her no one can see her like this. “Sweety, come on, it’s just an outfit- the guy at the shop said it’s what everyone is wearing nowadays. Mommy wants to get with the times.” She’s trying so hard, and oddly succeeding and shaking her milf body around in sexy ways. Some dude convinced your sweet, innocent mother that girls everywhere are going on on Halloween with their pussies showing. You tell her that she can’t go out like that, but she shows it off even more, bouncing her huge butt around, bending over exposing her pussy. .She looks so good..but she’s saying such.odd things. Your face goes red. “Oh no! Don’t worry sweety, the guy at the shop told me this might happen and showed me how to take care of it.” Your heart is racing. Your mother is on top of your uncomfortably hard cock with an amazingly convenient hole, leaving nothing between the two of you. “Mommy wants to be your slutty cum kitten.” This.this is amazing..but definitely not how you usually spend Halloween with mommy.

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