Limp fetish & Mind Controlled – Daughters friend O tranced & programmed by magic HD mp4

You’re in your daughters room snooping while she’s out, trying to find out why it smells like when lo & behold you actually find some in her drawer. Your daughters friend Ophelia just happens to come into her room & you confront her with your baggie. She denies it & tries to act all innocent but you know better. You have a magic wand you’ve been waiting to use & who better than your daughters cute school friend? You flash it in her face & soon the flashing lights trance her & she’s in a zombielike state. You make her zombiewalk around. Then act like a to see how compliant she really is. You tell her to take off her top. You didn’t flash the wand long enough last time so she starts regaining her senses so you quickly flash it in front of her eyes again for longer! You tell her to prove to you that you’re the sexiest dad around & she changes into a lusty schoolgirl begging to watch you stroke it! She even helps! You flash her again & she’s in zombie-mode wanting you to jerk it for her. She will catch all your cum & be your cum holder. You tell her to use your cum like lotion, rubbing it into her skin. Then you tell her to take a nap in your daughters room & you leave. Your daughter comes home & sees her naked friend in her bed & wakes her up but she’s confused & embaressed at that happened.

Categories: FEMALE TRAINING, MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT, 18 & 19 YRS OLD, SCHOOL UNIFORM ,taboo, girls, hypnogirls,Limp fetish , Mind Controlled

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:10:32
Size: 117 Mb

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