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(There is typical awkward sexual tension between mom and son in the first half of the vid) Your mom comes in your room to let you know she’s on her way to go to her date shes having tonight, she notices your having attitude with her all a sudden and she confronts you why. Your not telling her whats wrong and shes visibly getting more frustrated, so she says to give her a hug and say goodbye. As she hugs you, you grab her breasts and she scolds you. Again, she asks whats wrong and you tell her your jelous of her going on a date and that you want to be “The Man” of the house and “Take care of her”. She’s confused at first and tells you shes going on a date because she has certain “Needs” she needs taken care of since its been so long since shes had sex since the divorce of her and your father. You take your cock out and tell your mom you can “Take care of her” and shes in shock. But she agree’s that maybe we can try it out. She wants to start off slow though…..she starts out with kissing you, then touching your cock, but she gets excited really quick and wants to go to the bed and start sucking your cock. She then wants you to lick her pussy before you fuck her so she tells you to use your tongue on her and to jerk off while you eat her out. She cant take it anymore so she tell you to fuck her until you cum inside her (no cum shown). After you both cum together you cuddle up with eachother and she tells you she feels so close with you now and that maybe you can be the man of the house for her and that you can be her new boyfriend.

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