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I cant believe this happened. I’ve been jerkin to my step moms panties for so long and today she actually walked in on me. I was shocked and scared. Little did I know she had known about this for some time now. She told me all about her panties and said she would show me how to jerk my cock. It felt so good

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Liza or as her stepdad nicknamed her “Jo Jo”, finds her stepdad so sexy and even though she keeps flirting with him, he keeps resisting her attempts. Liza finally found her opportunity when her stepdad Sean fell asleep on the couch, so she started to play with herself while she fantasied about him. Her orgasm woke him up so she figured he wouldn’t be able to resist her now! He told her that her behavior is out of hand but Liza took matters in her own hands as she showed him how wet she was for him. He finally gave in and Liza got that big black cock that she has been craving!

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Kylie has a big Date coming up….and she wants to tease the boy’s cock….before she fucks his brains out!!! She is stressing out about what to wear to tease this boy’s cock. With nowhere else to turn…..she asks her Dad for help. Kylie asks Daddy if he would do her a favour….and jerk-off while she tries on outfits… she can measure the size of his erection… determine which outfit is sexier….and most likely to influence her Date!!! Dad, of course, is hesitant….but after some “please Daddy please…..” he agrees to help his hormone infused Daughter. Kylie begins to change into a series of “slutty” clothes…and measures the size of her Dad’s boner as he jerks off to each one. It’s the third outfit that seems to make Dad’s cock the largest….so Kylie decides she shall wear that one for her Date. By this time however….Dad is throbbing and horny….so he asks Kylie if she will use him as a “dress rehearsal” for her big Date. Kylie has sympathy for the giant erection she has caused….plus she figures a little practice won’t hurt….so she agrees to let Daddy lick her and Pound her hard!!! After she ends up with a big mouthful of semen…Kylie seems ready for her Date!!!

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Scene One: After Practice
I walk into the kitchen, Mother is leaning against refrigerator wearing only a bathrobe holding a glass of wine. She is stares intently at me for a moment. She asks, “How was practice?”. She then puts the drink down and says, “Come here.” I move to stand directly in front of her. She says, “You’ve been working out. It looks good on you.” She directs me to move closer to her until her face and shoulders are in my face. Her eyes are half closed, lust filled, and almost angry. She reaches her hand out, grabbing me between the legs. I jump back. She laughs and orders me to move back to the previous position. She is squeezing my dick. She whispers, “Does that feel good? Do you like that?” She guides my hand between her own legs. She shudders and says, “Oh that feels so good. Stick your fingers up my cunt. Finger fuck me. Does that feel good? Does my wet cunt feel good?” and again shudders. Suddenly I slam her against the fridge, stare directly into her now excited eyes and shove her to the dinner table. Mom looks up and says, “Get on top of me and fuck me. Fuck me, fuck Mommy.” I have sex with her VERY vigorously until I cum. She tells me to wash off and get ready for a sandwich…

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My mom comes in every morning to wake me up for school, one night i went to bed naked after i jerked off. The next morning my mom came into wake me up and saw me naked, she woke me up and i realized i was naked and covered up! my mom didn’t really say much about it so the next morning i figured id see how far i could take this. i stripped naked, put my headphones on and started to jerk off. my mom came in and instead of saying anything she just watched me for a minute, when she did tap me i pretended like i was shocked and embarrassed. mom say it was fine and asked me to just do that in the shower in the morning, i said sorry and that dad uses all the hot water in the morning and i need a release to be able to focus in school. mom said she understood but i need to find some other time to do that, i said ok and got up. the next morning i didn’t bother with the headphones, i just started jerking off. when mom came in the room she was kinda upset but i just kept stroking it in front of her, she told me to do that in the shower. i said i couldn’t because as always dad used all the hot water and i needed to do this before school. i asked her if she wanted me to do good in school and of course she said yes but i needed to hurry or id be late for school. i told her if she wanted me to hurry so bad she could help, she asked how? i told her she could maybe help stimulate me by taking her clothes off. she hesitated for just a second but then she did it! i got to jerk off looking at my naked mom, i cant wait for tomorrow morning!

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Your sister comes in, big tits swinging in her T-shirt, no bra on. She sits down, steals the TV remote from you, bragging about how her tits are better than those anime girls you watch.
Eventually, you end up on a porn channel, desperately hoping your mother doesn’t walk in on both of you watching the forbidden footage.
Then… she turns to you, emphatic that her tits are better, and proves it by showing them to you.
You can see your sister’s breasts. In return, she wants to see your cock.
Impressed by your size she offers you an evil challenge. She wants to tit-fuck you— but she wants to see if you can actually cum before your mom walks in– and she could enter at ANY moment. If you can make it all the way through– even with your mom standing RIGHT THERE– she’ll buy you that computer you’ve been saving up for… Are you ready?

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You’re having the most amazing, kinky dream about your hot sister, Rene. Its so intense, you’ve slept-walked into her room and are jerking at her bedside. “Oh, brother, I’m still a virgin but I’ve always wanted to know what its like to have a big cock inside of me!” You begin moaning her name …and that’s when she wakes up! WTF are you doing in my room you creep?! EW, you’re jerking off to your SISTER?! You are such a pervert! I should just call our parents in here and reveal you for the freak that you are!

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Kyle and his parents always spend easter talking about how blessed they are. This year, his parents decided to take in his cousin Nova Cane for the weekend since she was struggling in a dark place and needed some family love to bring her back into a sacred state. She was open to trying this. She ditched her goth clothes for some church appropriate attire and started to feel more savory. Kyle’s parents told him to be kind to her, but don’t ram it down her throat. This was unfortunately taken literally. Kyle was soon ramming his cock down Novas throat and she began to corrupt him with all of her tight and warm lady parts. They were able to get away with it up until Kyle came. As they were recovering from some heavy orgasms Kyle’s parents returned with peeps and creme filled eggs as a reward for the kids. Instead, their hearts were forever broken. Happy Easter!

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Brunette hottie Coco Kiss is texting with her friend Mandy when her step-brother Dean Van Damme comes into the room completely naked! Walking around with no clothes on isn’t Coco’s idea of a funny joke, but when she sees Dean’s erection, she wonders why she hasn’t fucked him yet. Coco sucks Dean’s cock, then bends over and plays with her pussy as Dean spreads her ass checks and licks all around. Dean then fucks his step-sister doggystyle over the family piano, then brings her to the couch so he can watch her little boobs bounce as she rides his cock. After Dean leaves a huge creampie inside of Coco, both of them lie back exhausted and relax together!

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Izzy Bell joins her stepbrother Logan Long in bed. Dressed in her bra and panties, she claims she wants to fuck! As soon as Logan starts jerking it, Izzy laughs at the way he falls for her joke and runs away. Later, Logan returns the favor by catching Izzy with her hands full and fondling her while her boyfriend sits in the living room. Though Izzy thinks they’ve evened the scores, Logan isn’t finished yet. When Izzy is in the shower, he keeps squirting new shampoo on her head until it gets in her eyes.

Once Izzy can’t see, Logan climbs out of his shorts and pushes into her tight twat from behind. She kicks him out of the shower, but Logan isn’t about to let their business go unfinished. Bending Izzy over the bed, Logan peels off her miniskirt and reinserts his cock into her snatch. Next thing Izzy knows, she’s moaning her pleasure as Logan works her fuck hole with his big dick.

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Jade Nile just spent all of her money on tickets for a festival so she decided to ask her stepbro for money for an outfit. What has she done for him lately? Nothing much. Stepbro could really use a nice blowjob and if Jade delivers he just might help her out. The next day stepbro was spying on Jade while she was trying on the outfit. She looked so damn hot. He then brought up the question as to how she was going to get to the festival. She needed car keys!

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Lucas Frost is watching TV when his stepsister Alex Blake and Kenzie Reeves join him. The girls are bored, so Kenzie decides to jazz things up by suggesting Lucas jerk off for them. Lucas resists, but then Kenzie shows him a naked picture of her stepsister and discovers that he’s nice and hard. She keeps up her pursuit of Lucas’s loving, pulling out her tits. When Kenzie unzips Lucas’s jeans and leans down to deep throat his hardon, Alex can’t hide her interest.

Dropping to her knees on the ground, Alex tentatively joins her friend sucking and stroking her stepbrother’s stiffie. Always adventurous, Kenzie discards her panties and climbs into Lucas’s lap so she can give him a ride while he holds her steady. Again, Alex hesitates but once she sees how much fun her friends is having she reveals her nicely trimmed twat to masturbate. Eventually she takes her own turn, sliding down on Lucas’s fuck stick and riding him with a big smile.

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Daddy comes and plays with me. He makes me wet and leaves me smiling.

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