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Soccer MILF Sofie Marie is congratulating her step son on a great soccer game. His legs are sore, so she rubs his thighs and his penis gets hard. She is so proud and horny for her athletic son, that she gives him an oral penis massage that relaxes them both!

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Mommy wants to buy a new car but her financing has fell through. Her son has a trust fund so she goes to him to borrow the money but is trying to make her to let him fuck her. She tries to talk him out of it, even gives him a blowjob, but its not enough. Finally she gives in and agrees and let’s him tie her up, push her down on the bed and give it to her rough… hair pulling, ass slapping and all.

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I am with my young son and his 2 friends, I have come up to see them while their parents are downstairs. They seem disinterested in what I have to say, so I tell them I have a surprise for them. All of a sudden they get excited, and I tell them we are going to play. I tell them that today they get to gangbang me. I start playing with my son while his friends get to watch, then I start getting them joined in also. I suck and fuck the 3 of them. As I am sucking my son, the parents arrive to the door and ask if we’re ok, I yell that we are fine, then tell the boys to hurry up, letting my son cum into my mouth.

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Mom is doing some laundry and finds her sons “journal” writing about how hot his moms tits are when shes pumping, and how he just wants to fuck his moms tits. A bit concerned Kelly has her son sit down with her for a talk, that turns into mommy playing JOI milking her sweet tits for her son.

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Lil Marshal doesn’t want to go to bed early and the sitter wants to have a party with her friends. A lil tipsy and horny, the sitter teaches lil Marshall a thing or two.

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My son has a friend sleepover. Just checking up on them when I notice my son’s huge ‘morning-wood’. Mommy just couldn’t resist to take a look. When that fat cock pops out of my sons underwear I can’t restrain myself, I need my sons cock! I hop on quietly, better not wake him.. But it’s too late, he woke up. I’m very sorry hunny but mommy is in dire need of some good young dick, I mean look at that juicy perfect cock of yours! Just let mommy have her way with your cock and this will all be over soon.

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My Sister cornered me in the living room. She’s furious that I’ve destroyed the crotch of her stockings. Every pair of pantyhose she has, they’re now crotchless. She knows how much I love seeing her in those nylons, and she’s helped me out a couple times in the past. I didn’t know any other way to tell her, but it seems she’s got the message. Avi lets fuck her fast before she has to run to work. She even keeps those sexy, silky stockings on the whole time.

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Wonder Woman has come to accept a challenge from a thug that claims to have information about Wonder Girl who has disappeared. Wonder Woman is completely confident that no mortal man can beat her. She is thrown off when the thug starts to strip down “to fight her like the ancient greek wrestlers fought” and stops him in his white briefs. Wonder Woman gains the upper hand quickly but is surprised buy the thug being able to take her attacks. When he counters with devastating stomach punches she finds herself at her mercy. The thug forces her bracers together, insuring her submission before having his way with her. He then gives her the rag and carries her away.

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Cindy is upset, because a boy at school didn’t ask her on a Date…instead he asked another girl….one with bigger boobs than Cindy….so she is convinced her boobs are too small. Her Mom, Carol comforts her, and assures her that her boobs are beautiful. Carol even calls in the Housekeeper, Alice to examine Cindy’s boobs…and Alice agrees…Cindy’s boobs are “groovy”. Cindy doesn’t believe her Mom or Alice….so the three make a deal…..Whichever male member of the Family that gets home first….shall inspect Cindy’s boobs and give a male opinion. Who will arrive home first? Dad?…..Greg?….Peter?….Bobby? Turns out Mike Brady comes home from work, and encounters Carol, Alice & Cindy in the Living Room. Carol explains the situation….and Mike eagerly inspects young Cindy’s boobs. After careful examination…Mike agrees with Carol & Alice…they are BEAUTIFUL!! To prove that he is telling her the truth….Mike even shows Cindy his big hard-on that she gave him!!! Mom tells Cindy that when Dad gets a big erection like that….there is something a girl can do to it….and Mom gets Cindy to suck her Dad’s cock!!! Cindy is amazed at how his cock grows in her mouth!!! When Mike is fully hard & ready….Mom holds Cindy gently…and Mike pounds away at her!! Dad cums all over Cindy’s beautiful tits….completely soaking them