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Nurse Nadya’s favorite patient has been admitted for another week after speaking privately with the doctor. Just like she is supposed to Nurse Nadya removes her scrubs to keep them from getting wet as she gives her patient a sponge bath and then uses lotion on his cock to help him with his very arousing erection. This time the patient asks if Nadya would use her mouth to make him more comfortable, but Nurse Nadya refuses, at first – “yes master, I am your obedient slut slave…”

Nurse Nadya’s patient’s stay has been extended for yet another week, she strips and prepares for his sponge bath and oral comforting but this time the patient wants to save the sponge bath for after Nurse Nadya makes herself cum until her pussy is soaking wet and then rides him. Of course Nurse Nadya would never do that…”Yes master, I am your obedient slut slave…”

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Part 1


Rion’s sister Nadya has been working up the nerve to talk to him all day. Home alone, she finally approaches him. Nadya hears the sounds Rion can make girls produce. Screams, moans… she wants that. The shy sister confesses that she’s never had an orgasm, and she really wants to know what it’s like with someone she trusts. That’s what brothers are for.

Part 2


Nadya waits until mom and dad are gone again before knocking on Rion’s door. She can’t thank him enough for helping her out. A girl’s first orgasm is life-changing. There must be a way she can show her brother how much she appreciates him looking out for her….

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Part 1

Ashley finds her brother’s phone just laying around. She’s caught in a dilemma: just give it back to him and always wonder, or take a look at what her brother’s been hiding. Ashley is floored to find pictures of HER on her brother’s phone! Not regular pictures, though. They’re ones when she thought she was alone. In the shower, in her bed… how long has he been watching her like this? Rion walks in just in time to see his sister scrolling panicked through his phone. She knows about his crush on her. It’s out there now. But Ashley is surprisingly into the idea….

Part 2

Rion finds Ashley on her bed upstairs. Their parents are throwing a loud and boring dinner party, and no one’s even noticed they’ve left the table. Ashley and her brother decide to indulge their sexual cravings for one another while they’re hiding out.

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Scene One: Grandma Has a Secret

Scene Two: Morning after

Scene Three: Dad is out

Scene Four: Secrets revealed

Scene Five: Double crossed

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Shes not sure which straw broke the camels back. Was it the time she got caught blowing her teacher for an A? Or maybe the threesome she had in the boys bathroom. Who knows exactly why her parents sent her away? They certainly had enough reasons to. And just thinking about it gets her horny so she takes her cousin by the hand and leads him up to the bedroom so she can have her way with him. She uses him like a sex toy, taking his virgin dick inside her. He may not have much experience but the kids got good instincts, plowing her hard from behind. Unpure thoughts are racing through his head when his mom catches him fucking the Holy Spirit out of his slutty cousin.

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Melissa Lynn’s stepson Brad Knight is mad at her because she sucked his friend’s cock. In her defense, she didn’t know it was his friend! To make it up to him she gets on her knees and gives him an amazing blowjob too, that’ll make him feel better!