Femdom Sex, Mind Fuck – Black Widow: The Breakup 4K Executrix: Mandy Flores UltraHD [2160/2018]

Custom video request: Mandy has her boyfriend tied up on the bed. He wakes up and she greets him. Hey, baby. I hope you don’t mind, I let myself in. ….What… Mandy? What’s going on? Is that Rob? …..Oh, don’t worry about him. I just like it better with an audience….. What are you talking about? ……You and me, baby. It’s not going to work out. I think it’s time we broke up…….Why are you doing this? I love you! …..I know, baby. That’s what’s going to make this so good. (Woman puts the cigarette and cigarette holder aside and begins making love to him….She continues making love to him. It is all about her. She loves the power and the control. Eventually, she is very close to cumming. She starts to give him instructions to play out her control fantasy as she slips closer to her climax, enjoying every moment.) Tell me you love me!! ….

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Black Canary finds herself on the losing end of a fierce battle, and soon her vinyl clad, corseted body is sprawled on the bed, open to her Nemesis’ will. He shoots her with his orgasma-ray several times sending warm arousing pulses to her pussy. She writhes and squirms in pleasureful pain as her clit throbs. She condemns her Nemesis and swears she will get revenge as he ties her down and unzips her vinyl booty shorts. He runs his hands down her body and gives her one last zap nearly knocking her out with sexual desire. Her Nemesis pulls out a high powered wand to pulverize her clit into submission. He taunts her as the wand runs down her engorged clit. She moans in waves as the wand brings her to orgasms. Untying her weakened limbs he pulls off her shorts and pulls her into a doggy stye position. Shoving his cock in her he let’s her have it, thrusting his long length down her wet love tunnel. Fully under command of his monster cock, Black Canary’s Nemesis, charges her with getting on his cock and she rides him while cursing his name. Her dainty feet hang between his thighs as she bounces up and down on his fuck stick. He pulls out of her as his cock pistons towards climax. He moans deeply as he lets out a jet of his man goo on her tits. As he calms however, it seems the spell suddenly breaks, Black Canary springs vertical, biting her Nemesis’ cock adorably before dashing away to freedom to plot her promised revenge.

Superheroine Destruction – Lexi Luna Wonder Woman: Her Humiliation and Destruction FullHD [1080p/2018]

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The villainous treacherous Bone Soldier is a Super Villain so vile and reprehensible that his entire existence has been purged from the annals of the DC Universe. But, his dastardly deeds still continue to plague the entire Superheroine Universe.
Bone Soldier’s true identity has been redacted from history but what is known is that Bone Soldier was once a member of the highly trained and lethal 346th Spetsnaz Brigade (obrSpN) during the Soviet Union. He showed such promise as a member of the special forces that he was recruited for a special project entitled The Paragon Project. The Army imbued him with enhanced physical powers in an attempt to create meta human super soldiers for the Soviet military machine.
The Paragon Project brought unintended consequences as soon Bone Soldier was no longer controllable by his superiors. The decision was made to terminate him as well as any evidence of the project, but before the plan could be executed Bone Solder every man involved in the program.

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Wonder Woman has already been captured and forced to suck this mad man’s cock but she finds herself Chlor O Formed and on a couch. The naked mad man then gets on the couch with her and starts feeling up her body. He then put her hand on his dick and uses her limp hand to jerk him off. He also throws her over his lap and starts playing with her tight wonder pussy. At various times she comes to and he at one point threatens to smash her head with his hands other times he just Chlor O Forms her back to sleep. One time when she comes to he puts her on her knees and forces her to suck his cock yet again but when she fights back he puts to sleep! This perverted maniac has one last plan to turn Wonder Woman into his sex slave!

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A mad man is holding the city hostage, hiding several powerful bombs in some of the most populated places, rigged to detonate if he does not enter a secret code to deactivate them. Supergirl attempts to stop him, but she can’t risk the deaths of countless citizens should he allow the bombs to explode. What can she do, but give into to his demands? Even if those demands include a humiliating blowjob.
A true hero to her city, Supergirl swallows her pride and dignity, dropping to her knees and giving the depraved villain the sloppiest blowjob she can. He misses no chance to degrade the sexy superheroine, demanding that she expose her tits and play with herself, while he fucks her pretty mouth. She tries to silently endure her shame, but he starts to snap lewd pictures of her, as he rough fucks her like a cheap whore. Just as he is about to cum, he orders her to her knees once more, so that he empty his balls right into her mouth. Despite her pleas, he continues to take pic after pic of her on her knees, boobs exposed and a sticky glaze of sperm dripping from her chin. I wonder what his Instagram account is?

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Dr. Vapor has caught Stargirl in the act. He takes a devastating puff of his vape and blows a cloud into her face knocking her . He lays her on the table and runs his hands over her superheroine frame before tying her up. He wakes her up but it’s too late for her to do anything but beg. Using his deviant device he pleasures her super pussy, making her wet behind her white cotton panties. Her moans of defiant pleasure radiate through the room as he makes her cum over and over before sticking his hard cock in her drooling mouth and fucking her sopping wet pussy. Her toes curl with his thrusts as their orgasms build up to a thunderous crescendo. When he is finished with her he ties her back up and leaves her there, defeated.

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Things look bad for the Girl Wonder in this episode, fellow bat-fans! The Joker has arranged for a trap and now Robin is bound, spread eagle, and at the mercy of one of Joker’s minions. He has been tasked with making Robin talk and give up the location of the Bat Cave. Exposing Robin’s hot body, as she is helpless to prevent the villain from doing whatever he wants to her, the man gropes her pert breasts, sucks on her pretty, pink nipples, tickles her, and probes her juicy twat with his impossibly long tongue. Switching on a powerful vibrator, he targets our heroine’s defenseless pussy and vulnerable clit, causing her to shake and strain against her bonds, unable to fight the relentless waves of orgasms. He leaves her there, for hours, the sex toy sending unending currents of pleasure, her panties soaked through, while she can do little more than moan. How long can her torture last? When the man returns to find her unbroken, He knows that she will need harsher treatment. Releasing her for her restraints, he pushes her to her knees and forces his hard cock into her mouth. She gags as the huge shaft pokes her throat, drool leaking out from around her lips and dripping down her chin. Does he think the Bat would leave her untrained? She quickly takes control, attempting to use her Bat-Fellacio to get him to cum quickly. He counters by bending her over and sliding into her tight snatch. Grabbing onto her hips, he fucks her hard and fast, using her like a piece of meat. Already weakened from innumerable climaxes, it’s all she can do to take the brutal pounding. At last, he cums, spraying jets of hot and sticky cum on her flawless ass.

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TABOO – Mom Made Us Lesbians FullHD avi [1080p/clips4sale.com]

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When the principal calls to report that JC and Vanessa have skipped school….again…Mom is furious! When the girls arrive home, mom calls them into her bedroom, and one at a time, orders each of the girls to drop their pants and go to the spanking bench. The spanking bench is at the end of mom’s bed…and mom puts each of the girls over her knee for a good spanking. Once the girls have both been spanked…mom decides that their punishment is not over…mom decides to really teach the girls a lesson they won’t forget!! To the horror of the girls…mom orders them to get completely naked….and make-out with each other!! They both protest as mom grabs JC by the scruff of the neck, and shoves her face into Vanessa’s Cunt…and makes her lick Vanessa! Then mom makes the girls kiss each other passionately on the lips…Mom makes them finger each other to explosive mutual orgasms!!! This is a punishment that the girls will not soon forget. By the time mom gets finished with her two daughters…they are full blown lesbos

Tara Tainton – Hurry Up, Honey, and Come for Mommy! FullHD mp4 [1080p/clips4sale.com/2018]

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Just real quick, honey. Mommy just needs your opinion on what to wear for my date tonight. It’s really important… I don’t want to get it wrong. And I’m late already! Just let me know what you think, and I’ll try on a few things. Just your opinion; it won’t be hard. And… oh, now, how did that happen??! Oh, Honey… I don’t have time! But, no, I’m not going to leave you like that while I run off. Okay, just jerk it for me, sweetie. I promise I’ll stay until you’re finished. What? You want me to take my top completely off? Well, I suppose but… you better start jerking it faster!