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After visiting with Uncle Jack a few weeks ago I was home alone and a bit bored. I called uncle Jack and reminded him I left my straightener at his house and he offered to bring it over. As soon as I got off the phone I set up my camera and sat down to wait. I called Uncle Jack into the living room when he arrived and as soon as he sat down he knew what I really wanted. Within minutes his hard cock was in my wet pussy and we were fucking like crazy. Uncle Jack pounded my pussy all over the living room and then blew his load all over my tits. I love when Uncle Jack cums by!!

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Come in!! OMG what are you doing here big brother? Wait, that was you that answered my craigslist ad I bet. You can’t tell mom and Dad about this. What were you doing on there anyway? I bet you were looking for a hottie to play with your cock. How about this then I’ll take care of your hard cock but you gotta promise not to tell!! As hard as you are it almost seems like it was me you were looking for. You’re so hard in my mouth I can’t believe it. Mmmmm that tastes so good, I can’t wait til you cum for me. Thats it big brother cum all over my face and mouth just like that. Ok so I gotta get back to work now, theres 3 guys cumming soon.

XXXMultimedia Nikki Brooks – Mom is Your Girlfriend – A Passionate, Romantic Relationship Between Mom & Son HD 2018

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**Starring Nikki Brooks**

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, mom/son, mom & son are in a relationship, mom is your girlfriend, romantic, sweet, passionate, smiling, happy, wake up next to her after an incredible & wild night, virtual kissing, in love with mom, romantic talk, dirty talk, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, missionary, together forever, MILF, older woman, younger man

Things couldn’t be any more perfect. After an incredible night, you open your eyes to see your mom sleeping beside you. Her naked, gorgeous body is wrapped in your blue button-down shirt, and she smiles at you when she wakes up.

“Good morning, sweetie,” Mom says with a glowing face. “How did you sleep? You like sleeping with Mommy?” She giggles and flirts with you, and even though this has been happening for a while now, you can’t believe it’s real.

Taboo Diaries – April Dawn – I was watching, Daddy FullHD [1080p/]

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Dear Diary,
Since I’ve been home from school I’ve been noticing how close my sisters are with Daddy. He seems to do an awful lot for them and I’m starting to wonder why. I’m sure it’s nothing major, maybe it’s just because I’ve been away.
Dear Diary,
I totally found out whats been going on with my sisters and Daddy….. They’ve been having sex and I caught them in the act. Nobody saw me watching but it kind of turned me on. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and I have to try it for myself.

Taboo Diaries – Hope Harper – Daddy Deflower Me Please FullHD [1080p/]

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Dear Diary,

I’m getting ready to go home from school for the holiday break and I’m really nervous. See being a virgin in a coed school is really hard. All the boys chase me around trying to get in my pants and the girls are always talking about intense orgasms making them go limp. I really want to experience these things but I want my first time to be special and with someone I trust. This may come as a shock but I think Daddy should be the one to deflower my virgin pussy. I hope he’s willing to do this, I am 18 now after all!!!

Dear Diary

OMG I convinced Daddy to do it with me. I’m not sure how but first he taught me to suck cock then he got me ready. When he entered my vagina I shuddered with a tiny orgasm. Daddy was gentle for quite awhile then he did it. Daddy fucked me til I came hard and collapsed on the bed limp. He kept fucking me til I came around then he made me cum again by cumming inside me after pumping hard and fast. After I came from it I was limp for quite awhile. Daddy came back later to check on me and we did it again. I even rode him for a bit until I came and went limp. Daddy finished me off with another intense orgasm then he came on my socks. Thats all I remember until the next morning…….. I can’t wait to do this with the boys at school now.

UNCLE JACK’S NIECES April Dawn, Jack Moore – This is how it’s done SD []

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April had a date with her boyfriend. They had been together for a month and she wanted to make it special so she bought some new lingerie and to see if it looked right she got out of the shower and wanted to check it out with her Uncle Jack. Jack was happy to look but then he realized she had plans more than just new underwear. April showed Jack three different outfits but they were all lingerie, wait, the boyfriend is not going to see that so what difference does it make. Well, maybe he will see it and a lot more. April thought maybe she could test her plans out on Uncle Jack. When Jack realized what she had in mind he lost his self restraint and he was putty in her hands, whatever she wanted. April stroked Uncle Jack’s leg to get his attention, as thought she needed to try for his attention. Then she stroked his dick, no doubt she had his complete attention, and when she started licking his dick April knew she had him just where she wanted him. April licked his dick, first the head then around the head then the entire shaft, Uncle Jack was helpless. When April took Uncle Jack’s dick in her mouth she knew she had complete control but when she took Jack all the way down her throat that’s when she knew she was going to have everything her way. April sucked and slurped and licked every inch of Jack’s rock hard cock. She played with it, teased it and finally April pulled the cum right out of him. Uncle Jack blasted and blasted then blasted some more, it was a huge cum shot, Uncle Jack was drained. April was pretty sure she was going to have a wonderful date and was on her way. Poor Uncle Jack, left alone and completely drained. But wait, she’ll be back and maybe there will be more. Stay tuned.

Manyvids Sasha V – Bathtime with Daddy HD [Manyvids/720p/May 31 2018]

So hot – what more can I say. This girl is amazing – Virtual Porn Sex in Bathroom

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Daddy, thank you so much for this pretty bath! Can you help get me clean? I feel really, really dirty. Then I can get you clean too! Oh my, daddy… I’d really love to put that big thingy in my kitty after I’m done playing with it in my mouth! Daddy roleplay clip with some soapy wet splashy teasing, glass toy fucking, POV blowjob, and doggy fucking in the bath. Ends with a face cumshot teehee

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Custom-You are doing your yoga workouts/positions,your bf is watching you while you bend over with your ass sticking out in those hot yoga pants and compliments ask him to join you to show him some yoga positions.He comes into the frame behind you(wearing some boxers first),takes you by the waist and start grinding(you are on all fours).You then ask him to take off his boxers and to continue(you are grinding on his hard cock too giving some instructions as well). Then you are doing basicaly the same,but different positions,like the pictures I attached. For the last part I want just him to grind on your ass while you are on all fours until he cum all over those sexy pants.

Brooke Karter, Chad – The Stepsister Sex Tape HD [720p/FamilyStrokes/2018]


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Chad came home pissed that his girlfriend just broke up with him, until his dad reassured him that there were plenty of other fish in the sea. This proved to be a fact when he caught a glimpse of his hot stepsis Brooke Karter out of the corner of his eye. He decided to proposition her with his car for a week if she would volunteer to help him make a sex tape in order to make his ex girlfriend jealous. She of course agreed and began to suck down stepbros cock before he could even get his phone camera on. Things were going great until stepdad had to be annoying and kept asking Chad if he wanted to talk. He must have done this at least three times before he could even get a nut off, but Brooke was swift and able to roll with the punches in order to make her stepbro feel better and to be able to joyride in Chads car with her bitches for a whole week straight!

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My Little Sister love Me

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Description: April Reid is constantly getting scared by her stepbrother at the most convenient times when she was half naked. It got to the point where April had to chase him down and teach him that he was a little asshole and he should definitely consider not fucking with her anymore. All of this scaring got April craving some horror films. She asked stepbro if he had any good scary movies she could watch. He ended up putting on a halloween porn parody! April was grossed out but still turned on. Stepbro began to feel April up until she gave him head and swallowed his jizz. Although the movie was sexy, it still left April feeling uneasy about ghosts and spirits. She heard a noise in the middle of the night and went to stay in stepros room. They ended up fucking the night away until stepsis came and fell asleep. Stepbro waited until the next morning to jerk off and finish on her face.